Let’s not make this too long shall we?

M365 May is an online event run by the community, for the community. It is not run for any commercial gain by any of the organisations as individuals (Loryan Strant, Megan Strant, and Rebecca Jackson), nor by the commercial entity (Strant Consulting Pty Ltd) attached to any subscriptions or services used for the event.

What information we collect

  • Your prefix
  • Your first & last names
  • Your email address
  • Your mobile phone
  • Your job title (optional)
  • Your organisation (optional)
  • Your blog (optional)
  • Your gender (optional)
  • Your consent to have your details provided to sponsors

What we do with your information

While we have sponsors, they will not receive any personally identifiable information about you – UNLESS you have opted in during event registration to have your details passed across to them in order to be eligible for competitions or prize draws.

We will contact you at various times before, during and after the event – but only in relation to the event (or a future iteration).

To repeat:

  • We’re not here to make money off you
  • We’re not going to do anything with your data or information
  • Sponsors will only receive your information if you opted in

What you can do

If you’re not comfortable with anything – you must cancel your registration on Eventbrite.

If you have an issue or question, please contact us via the website form.